Free if you meet the eligibility criteria (click here for details) and if you don’t hold a Level 3 qualification already (in any subject), and if you complete the course (click here for details of our terms and conditions). Course cost otherwise is £875.

Course description:

This qualification is designed for learners interested in using counselling skills as part of their functional role in a wide range of sectors. It is also suitable for those looking to progress towards accredited counsellor status with one of the counselling professional bodies. The aim of the course is to provide learners with more in-depth knowledge of the use of counselling skills in everyday life and work, and the approaches that underpin the use of these skills.

Who is the course suitable for?

To be awarded the Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills, learners are required to successfully complete 5 mandatory units. This qualification does not qualify learners to practise as a counsellor.

Entry requirements:

This course is ideal for anyone who has completed a level 2 course in counselling skills. If you do not hold a qualification at level 2, learners have the opportunity to apply for our level 2 programme in counselling skills first (click here for the level 2 course)

How is the course delivered?

Candidates complete the course programme through the college’s e-learning platform.

The learning materials contain the knowledge and skills needed to meet the assessment requirements of the course. This also allows candidates to practice their skills and test their learning.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this qualification are to help learners to:

  • develop counselling skills.
  • understand the different approaches involved in the use of counselling skills
  • appreciate the importance of self-development.

Progression opportunities:

The qualification aims to provide a sound preparation for further study and access to a range of vocational qualifications, including Coaching & Mentoring, Teaching Assistants, Leadership & Management and Project Management.


You will be asked to carry out a practical element in your first assessment to practice your counselling skills. Due to the current climate, we have changed this process. Please note that a witness is not required for this – your assessor will act as the witness when they watch your video. You will take the role of counsellor and you will need a volunteer to take the role of the client. This volunteer can be anyone in your household, bubble or virtually (via zoom etc.). This role play session does not need to be longer than 10 minutes and your volunteer does not need to present a real issue. However you will need to be able to record this session and attach it to the online course platform.

Course Number (please note for application form): N3TLW