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Course description:

This qualification is aimed at anyone seeking to improve their understanding and awareness of suicide and self-harm. The aim is to raise your awareness of the triggers which might cause someone to self-harm or attempt suicide, including the media and societal attitudes to self-harm and suicide. You will gain an awareness of the Signs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours involved and how to initially approach someone who may be self-harming or considering suicide.

This qualification is also aimed at addressing the role of conversation in the prevention of self-harm and suicide and the importance of family and friend support in the prevention of self-harm and suicide. You will also Know support and treatment options available to individuals and families in relation to self-harm and suicide, including understanding the importance of encouraging healthy coping strategies.

Who is the course suitable for?

It’s designed specifically for adult learners. The knowledge individuals will gain is not sector-specific but can be applied to a broad range of personal and professional situations. Individuals who may find this course useful to their professional life include: teachers, mental health workers, crisis helpline volunteers, support workers, individuals in a safeguarding role, parents or guardians, and others working with individuals who may be at increased risk of self-harm or suicide.

Entry requirements:

You do not need to have any formal qualifications in order to follow this course, but you will need to demonstrate commitment and motivation to work through the specially prepared distance-learning materials.

How is the course delivered?

Candidates work through the course materials for the programme at a place convenient to them, so there is no need to attend the college to gain the qualification. The learning materials contain the knowledge needed to meet the assessment requirements of the course and activities to allow candidates to practice their skills and test their learning. Assessment is based on a combination of knowledge and skills learned on the programme. Learners should complete the course within 8 weeks.

Course content:

The course consists of four modules.

Unit 1: Equality and Diversity

Unit 2: Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Unit 3: Positive Equality Movements

Unit 4: British Values                                     

Progression opportunities:

By undertaking this programme, candidates will be able to further their own continuous professional development, which may improve their career prospects, or progress on to further qualifications such as courses in Safeguarding & Prevent, Equality & Diversity Information, Advice & Guidance. 

Course Number: N3TRJ