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Free if you meet the eligibility criteria (click here for details) and if you complete the course (click here for details of our terms and conditions)

Course description:

This qualification has been designed to provide the skills required to support other learners in a wide range of contexts. The aims of the qualification are to enable learners understand how to support other people to learn, to recognise a range of challenging issues that may affect people’s ability to learn and to identify ways in which you can help others to overcome these issues.

Who is the course suitable for?

This qualification may be right for learners who:

Would like to understand how to support others to learn

Need to understand how ability to learn can be affected by a wide range of personal, social or environmental factors

Are not currently working in a learning support environment but are considering doing so in the future – in school, further education, or other environments

Would like to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to support learners in a wide range of settings

Entry requirements:

You do not need to have any formal qualifications in order to follow this course, but you will need to demonstrate commitment and motivation to work through the specially prepared distance-learning materials.

How is the course delivered?

Learners work through the course materials for the programme through distance learning, therefore, there is no need to attend the college to gain the qualification. The course is delivered using different methods to meet the learning objectives.

Course content:

The contents of this qualification cover:

Preparing to support learning

Recognising and Dealing with Bullying                    

Understanding skills needed to be a peer educator

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities of a Peer Educator 

Introduction to Mentoring                                         

Mentoring Practice                                                 

Negotiation Skills                                                 

Progression opportunities:

The qualification aims to provide a sound preparation for further study and access to a range of vocational qualifications, including level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools & Colleges, Supporting Teaching & Learning, Level 3 in Supporting Teaching & Learning, Award in Education and Training & Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

Course Number: N3UBB