Distance_Learning_567X160_Care Cert


Free if you meet the eligibility criteria (click here for details) and if you complete the course (click here for details of our terms and conditions)

Certificate Description:

The Nescot Care Certificate is achieved by completing four distance learning courses and three standards.

The mandatory courses to complete are:

  1. Level 2 Certificate – Preparing to work in Adult Social Care (Mandatory)
  2. Level 2 Certificate – Dignity and Safeguarding (Mandatory)
  3. Level 2 Certificate – Understanding Nutrition and Health (Mandatory)

You also select an optional course from the list below:

  • Dementia
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Learning Disabilities

Each of the above courses, when completed, replaces the relevant standard.

After completing the four courses above you will then need to complete the three Standards below. You are also required to complete an Observation log, which must be signed, by your Supervisor or Manager.

  • Standard 12: Basic life Support
  • Standard 13: Health and Safety
  • Standard 15: Infection
  • Observation Log

To apply for this course package, or to discuss, please call us, during office hours, on 020 8394 8426 or email us at distancelearning@nescot.ac.uk