This advice below is for guidance only, we accept no responsibility for any changes to settings or third party software:

If you are having problems with completing or saving the forms we’ve sent you (which are editable pdfs) then it could be to do with the default pdf reader on your PC or Mac.

We would also advise not using the Microsoft Edge browser for editable pdfs.

To view the pdf forms we would recommend that you use the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader. This can be downloaded from Adobe (for free) at the link below. Please note that you only need the free ‘Acrobat Reader’, not the paid-for ‘Pro’ version.

Click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader:

You would then need to set Adobe Acrobat Reader as your ‘Default’ for all pdfs, if it gives you that option when installing.

If Adobe Acrobat is still not opening when you click on the editable pdfs then it may not be set as your default programme for reading pdfs.

This can be changed by finding ‘Default Programmes’ in your Control Panel.  There will be an item called ‘Set your default programmes’. When you see ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader’ click on that and choose ‘set this programme as default’.

Your editable pdfs should now be usable.

If you still can’t edit them, then you have two more options:

Print out the pdfs, fill them in by hand using black ink, scan each page and then email them to us.

Print out the pdfs, fill them in by hand using black ink and post them to us. This can be considered as a last resort as processing your enrolment will take longer.

If you want to send by post: There is a special Freepost address (no stamp required) to send your signed forms and ID copy to:

Distance Learning, Nescot College, FREEPOST KT2764, Reigate Road, Ewell, Surrey, KT17 3ZP