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Free if you meet the eligibility criteria (click here for details) and if you complete the course (click here for details of our terms and conditions)

Course description:

This course will provide an overview of the principles of sustainability development, communities and energy management and social responsibility of business in relation to sustainability. You will also look at the principles of waste management and sustainable transport and applying sustainability in your own setting through zero waste.

Who is the course suitable for?

The Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Environmental Sustainability is designed for learners working in a range of settings within the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

Entry requirements:

You do not need to have any formal qualifications in order to follow this course, but you will need to demonstrate commitment and motivation to work through the specially prepared distance-learning materials

How is the course delivered?

Candidates work through the course materials for the programme at a place convenient to them, so there is no need to attend the college to gain the qualification. The learning materials contain the knowledge needed to meet the assessment requirements of the course and activities to allow candidates to practice their skills and test their learning. Assessments are based on a combination of knowledge and skills learned on the Learners should complete the course within 8 – 12 weeks.

Course content:

This course is split into six manageable units, with a seventh optional unit available:

Unit 1: Principles of sustainable development

Unit 2: Principles of sustainable communities

Unit 3: Principles of sustainable energy management

Unit 4: Social responsibility of businesses in relation to sustainability

Unit 5: Principles of waste management

Unit 6: Principles of sustainable transport

Unit 7: Sustainability applied in own settingĀ (Optional)

Progression opportunities:

Having successfully achieved this qualification, the learner may wish to progress on to further training, such as courses in Business Improvement Techniques, Improving Management Skills (Lean Management), Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness.

Course Number: N3TZL