Distance Learning lets you fit studying into your busy life, giving you the flexibility to manage work and families .

Who are Distance Learning courses for?

Distance Learning courses are for all different types of people and they would suit anyone who would find it hard to attend a college because of their location, time commitments or personal situation. Learning can take place in the home, library or anywhere that is convenient for you.

What advantages are there to Distance Learning?

You can carry on with your job and life, and learn at a time that is suitable for you. shutterstock_379989496People undertake our distance learning courses for many reasons including enhancing their job skills, improving promotion prospects, an interest in the subject or enhancing their job prospects.

Employers look for employees who have the skills and appropriate qualifications for the vacancy they are wishing to fill. The course you have completed will show prospective employers that you have taken the initiative to develop and structure your skills within a learning framework.

How is Distance Learning carried out?

Our courses are all online. We will provide all the course materials you will need. You will also need to be ready to commit to the deadline dates that we set for elements of your course..